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What our customers are saying...

Shakuntla Khan

Carers are really nice and understanding.

Carers were provided that spoke my mum's language, which has been really essential for her to communicate and them to understand her needs. Her mental health and well-being have benefited from being able to have a good conversation.

My mum is really happy and satisfied with her care.

Shakuntla K highly recommends Caring Hands Solutions Ltd.

Alice Smith

A very sincere and well-organised care company that understands the need for discipline and thoughtfulness when dealing with my mother. The management team is very helpful, and they have carefully selected very experienced carers, who have been trained with not just the right skill set, but they offer compassion and go the extra mile to make sure my mother is well looked after.

I would strongly recommend Caring Hands Solutions to anybody. My mother is very grateful to the management team for being very understanding of her vascular dementia symptoms and stroke care needs.

Alice Smith highly recommends Caring Hands Solutions Ltd.

Alastair Grant

My grandmother currently receives care and services from Caring Hands Solutions Ltd, my grandmother is very elderly and fragile. We’ve been through many services to find the right care that she is happy with. Glad to say we’ve finally found the right company. The company name justifies its actions. Highly recommend if you are struggling to find care for your loved ones.

Alastair Grant highly recommends Caring Hands Solutions Ltd.

Aisha Chaudary

I am very happy and satisfied with my agency and carer. I am so used to my carer she has come part of my family, she very understanding, caring, and sometimes gives me extra time (which she doesn’t get paid). I tried other agencies but was not satisfied. Thank you very much Caring Hands Solution for your good service and treat me like a member of family. Excellent service and would recommend to others.

Aisha Chaudary highly recommends Caring Hands Solutions Ltd.

Tabitha Fitzpatrick

This is such a fantastic care company. It’s one of the few ones left that actually put patients' care above any matter. It proves that there are still some good decent humans out there that truly care about the people they work with. Very grateful for everything.
Tabitha Fitzpatrick highly recommends Caring Hands Solutions Ltd.

Michael Tauton

I am happy to recommend Caring Hands Solutions to anyone who values empathy, compassion, trust and flexibility, as equal to the safe and efficient provision of care. Due to excruciating pain, my condition varies day-by-day: Caring Hands is the first, and only agency so far, whose carers are willing and able to adapt to my changing needs, seamlessly tailoring their response without ever making an issue of it. Caring Hands Solutions is an agency that has lived up to its name, providing flexible solutions to care requirements, with reliability, efficiency and a kind, gentle approach. Highly recommended, with grateful thanks.
Michael Tauton highly recommends Caring Hands Solutions Ltd.
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